Elk River Leagues

Monday Women’s Team League

Monday Women's Team League Roster and Schedule for 2017

Monday Women's League Contact information and sub list

Monday Women's Team League 5-15-17

Monday Women's Team League 5-22-17

Monday Women's Team League 6-5-17

Monday Women's League Mixer 6-12-17

Monday Women's League 6-19-17

Monday Women's League 6-26-17 end of the first half

Monday Women's League (Team and Social) 7-11-17 Start of 2nd half

Monday Women's League 7-17-17

Women’s Social League

Social League Sign up 2017

Social League 5-15-17

Social League 5-22-17

Social League 6-5-17

Social League 6-19-17

Social League 7-17-17

Sundriver League

Sundriver's 2017 event list

Sundrivers 5-9-17 Fewest Putts

Sundriver's 5-23-17 Blind Draw 2-Person Best Ball

Sundriver's 5-30-17 Chicago Points

Sundriver's 6-6-17 Low Gross/Low Net

Sundriver's 6-13-17 Mixer 1 of 4 Net

Sundriver's 6-20-17 Throwaway

Sundriver's 6-27-17 Even & Odd

Sundriver's 7-18-17 Chicago Pts 2 of 4

Tuesday Men’s 9-hole League

2017 Tuesday Men's League Roster & Schedule

Tuesday Men's League Kick Off Night

Tuesday Men's League 5-9-17

Tuesday Men's League 5-16-17

Tuesday Men's League 5-23-17

Tuesday Men's League 5-30-17

Tuesday Men's League 6-6-17

Tuesday Men's League 6-13-17

Tuesday Men's League 6-20-17

Tuesday Men's League 6-27-17 end of the first half

Tuesday Men's League 7-11-17 Start of 2nd Half

Tuesday Men's League 7-18-17

Thursday Men’s League

Thursday Men's League Roster & Schedule

Thursday Men's League 5-18-17

Thursday Men's League 5-25-17

Thursday Men's League 6-1-17

Thursday Men's League 6-8-17

Thursday Men's League 6-15-17

Thursday Men's League 6-22-17

Thursday Men's League 6-29-17

Thursday Men's League 7-13-17 end of first half

Thursday Men's League 7-20-17

Couples League

2017 Couples League Roster & Schedule

Couples League Kick off 5-4-17

Couples League 5-11-17

Couples League 5-18-17

Couples League 5-25-17

Couples League 6-1-17

Couples League 6-8-17

Couples League 6-15-17

Couples League 6-22-17

Couples League 6-29-17 End of the first half

Couples League 7-13-17 start of 2nd half

Couples League 7-20-17
Junior Leagues and Junior Camp


Junior League will begin play Wednesday, June 21st. 9 hole at 8:15 am, 3 hole at 10:15 am. 

Junior League 
We offer two leagues that both meet on Wednesday Mornings Starting June 21st running through August 9th (there will be no league Wednesday July 5th). The 9 hole league starts at 8:15 am and the 3 hole league starts at 10:15 am. Please contact the proshop or stop by to inquire about availability of our Jr League.