Elk River Leagues 

Below are the start dates for all ERGC leagues. Schedules and tee times will either be posted here or there will be a link to the league portal page where you will be able to find all that information. 

For handicaps, we will be using the Monday of each week as the revision date for all leagues. For the first week, we will be using the June 1st revision.  

Sundriver League

Start date: June 2nd

Sundriver Events 2020

Sundriver's 6-9-2020

Sundriver's 6-16-2020

Sundriver's 6-23-2020

Sundriver's 7-7-2020

Sundriver's 8-18-2020

Click the link below for Sundriver's results:


Tuesday Men’s 9-hole League

Start Date: June 2nd

Tuesday Men's League 2020 Half Payouts and Playoffs

Tuesday Men's League 2020 Round 1 playoff results and final match pairings

Tuesday Men's League 2020 - Team skins event from 9-1-2020

Tuesday Men's League 2020 - Playoff Final results 9-8-2020

Click the link below for Tuesday Men's League information:


Wednesday Women's League 

Start Date: June 3rd

Wednesday Women's League Event List

6-24-2020 - 3 Club Scramble

Click the link below for more information on Women's league, tee times, results and schedule:



Thursday Men’s League

Start Date: June 4th

Thursday September 3rd will be a fun night for everyone. Format to be decided later. 

Thursday Men's League Half Payouts & Playoffs

Thursday Men's League Fun Night - 2-Person Alternate Shot

Thursday Men's League Playoffs Round 1 - 9-10-2020

Click the link below for Thursday Men's League information

Couples League

Start date: June 4th

Couples League Half Payouts & Playoffs

Couples League Playoffs Round 1 results

Click the link below for Couples League Information