In 2018, our inaugural caddie program was started at Elk River Golf Club in Elk River, MN in an effort to benefit both golfers and our youth alike.  Since the program’s origination, over 50 of the community’s young men and women have become involved.   Despite the challenges of Covid 19, the program looks to continue its growth as we enter the 2022 golf season.  Currently, Elk River Golf Club is the only public course in the state of MN to implement a caddie program.  Our mission is to mentor our youth not only while playing the game of golf, but to help grow and strengthen our future leaders in their communities. The following goals have been set forth for the 2022 golf season caddie program.

  1. Purchase of Caddie Bibs – Stoneworks and Hoosier Tire as bib sponsors.

  2. Implement a Caddie Kick Off Banquet in May of 2022.

  3. Establish a Goal is 500 loops for the 2022 golf season. (roughly 20 week long season)

  4. Involve ERGC Caddies at 2022 MPGA event.

  5. Maintain 40 Caddies throughout the year. 

  6. Recruit and retain a minimum of 15 girl caddies.

  7. Communicate and drive interest in women membership to help support the program.

  8. Offer 20 Caddies at all ERGC major events.

  9. Reward Caddies with the most rounds in 2022.

  10. Ensure a minimum of 30 ERGC members use a Caddie in 2022.

  11. Develop a minimum of four (4) A-Rated Caddies in 2022.

  12. Create one 9 Hole event for Caddies 

  13. Use Social Media/Website/Other to promote ERGC’s Caddie program (MGA, National Evans Scholarship, other)

  14. Specifically recruit Caddies from Elk River community youth involved in our sports 

  15. Involve Elk River Boys & Girls Golf teams to recruit new Caddies.

Why take a caddie?

Golfer Benefits

· Improves the quality of the golfer's game – letting a caddie handle the
clubs, flag stick, divots and bunkers allows the golfer to focus on his or
her game.

· Increases health benefits – walking is great way to get exercise, a
stress reducer, and easy way to help stay healthy.

· Increases personal satisfaction – by utilizing a caddie, you immediately
put yourself in a position to strongly impact the life of a young person by
taking on a mentoring role.

· Giving back to golf – Not only are you introducing a young person to a
wonderful game, you are showing them how to act on a golf course.

· Improve overall golfing experience – having a caddie will elevate your
experience on the golf course.

Club Benefits

· Speeds up pace of play – the fastest way to play is with a caddie where
there is always someone to clean up after you on the tees, fairways,
bunkers and greens.

· Improves course conditions – there will be an increase in the overall
maintenance of the course due to caddies fixing divots, ball marks and

· Increases professional assistance – caddies often take on other roles at
our Club including bag room, bag drop and range attendants, etc.

Caddie Benefits

· Opportunity to earn good money during flexible hours – many young people
today have numerous extracurricular activities. Caddying gives many young
people a chance to continue those activities while making money.

· Exposure to positive role models – young people will have the chance to
learn from mature and successful individuals.

· Opportunity to have a great work environment – caddies have the ability
to work outside and to interact with their peers, giving them a means to
make friends while working.

· Ability to work and exercise – the same health benefits for golfers
apply for young people.

· Ability to apply for an Evans Scholarship or many other golf related

Here is a link to learn more about the Evans Scholarship. In 2021, we had one caddie apply and be in the running for the scholarship. 

Evans Scholarship Information

Community Benefits

· Young caddies develop outstanding work ethic and attitude – caddying is
often the first job for many young people, and exposes them to a real life
work experience.

· A mentoring relationship is developed in a healthy environment.

· A caddie program offers a chance for ERGC to give something back to the

Click here for a copy of the ERGC Caddie Manual for 2022. 

Are you looking to apply to become a caddy?

Here is the online application. Just click the link, and fill it out! 

ERGC Caddie Application